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I Dont Really Want You - 3rd edge

Wot wot - listen - check it
Aaaah - hectic
Friday night now with the bouncin' sound

I dont really want you hangin' around me
Responsibility this jealously is killin' me
You're seedin' at my head
But youre still sleepin' in my bed - oh - no
Now you want a baby you must be goin' crazy
I'm losin' my sanity - how can we raise a family?
Were livin' a lie so its time to say goodbye
Yeh yeh yeh

[Chorus 1]
I dont want you lovin me
What can i do to get this through to you lady?
I dont want you - cant you see
Just take your things dont bother no more
I dont want you all the way
Just stop right there dont even say you were
I dont want you for one day
Coz I dont want you in my life girl

I dont really want you anywhere near me
Youre suffocatin' me - stay the hell away from me
Youre playin' with my mind
Thats why I'm leavin' you behind yeh
What could I be thinkin'? Felt like I was sinkin'
You drove me to drinkin, my mind you were freakin'
One more thing left to do
Just say goodbye I'm leavin' you

[Chorus 1]

So babe you wanna stay wif me
Big up to lifestyle fantasy
Coz da way that I feel is 50/50
Got time to relax got time to party
No time for you coz my times for me
So pack up your bags get off ya knees
Just get out my life I need some peace

Well its down to me - JTee
Now understand - its easy
Simply no we cant friends
When I make amends
Gotta just say not menta be now cant you see
Jealousy negativity - so ya neva gonna be wif me
So take the hint realise this tune
Its fine - finito - finished - thru!

[Chorus 1]

I dont really want you anywhere near me
I dont really want you I'm sick of you lady
I dont really wany you youre drivin' me crazy
I dont really want you baby
All of it [x2]

[Chorus 2]
I dont want you lovin' me
I dont really want you anywhere near me
I dont want you cant you see
I dont really want you I'm sick of you lady
I dont want you all the way
I dont really want you youre drivin' me crazy
I dont want you for one more day
I dont really want you

I dont want ya I dont need ya
Not a thing I do can please ya
Its kinda like I'm always sick n guessin
Wot ya gonna do wot ya gonna do?

[Chorus 2]

In And Out - 3rd edge

[Intro Ad Lib:]
Sexy Underground, Egh!

In and out, up and down
In and out, up and down

[Verse 1 Tom]
Now I can be that man that you can get to do
And I see the way you are when I undress you (yeah)
Get on that bed babe "n" show me how you stay
I wanna know if you like it hard or soft
But I know you'll like it my way

[Chorus- Third Edge]
In & Out
You like it baby
No telling me maybe
Front to back
I'm lovin' you baby
All over you baby
Up and down
You're feelin' it baby
I know you are baby
Round and round
Let me touch your body there

[Verse 2- Tom]
Now you are the type to give it to me right (yeah)
Lady you started this no backing out tonight no
Give me some of your loving girl
That you promised to give me
So undress yourself get comfortable
Feel my sexuality



said babe i know, u got the feelin' (boom)
in the bedroom with ur legs to the ceiling,
looking atcha body with ur clothes ime peeling,
off ur bbback, when i cum now with my attack,
10 outa 10 when it comes to the sack,
jigga jigga(scratch noise) jtee on the bad boy track,
here we go, 3rd AWA(scratch noise)edge gonna cum correct,
when ime licking u first from ur feet to ur head, (where?)
doesn´t really matter on a couch or a bed,
take it slow, do u think that u can handle my flow?
when i explode i´ll be letting u know,
in ´n´out vibe and away we go!!


Checking the checkin' the right vibe
Come a come alive
When I be riding the right mic inside
I be lyrical bad boy the G intense MC
Just wind ya booty
I'm a lyrical bad boy MC dapa-don
Get upon the rhythm
Do me right not wrong
Ladies just shake down ya bumper
Down to the dance floor
We getcha hyper

Danger- I got the mic inside
Ladies- 4/5 by my side
All they- want is just to grind
Oh no- that called be called a crime
Gimme the key to your chastity
Wanna get down dirty gettin' freaky
Don't wanna steal it so ask her nicely
Just shake dat hip 'n' wind ya booty

[Chorus- Tom v Dan]
In and out, dance, dance, dance
front to back you got to, you got to hit em wid a killa role
Up and down In and out vibe and away we go
Sexual feeling gonna make you come
Down with the sounds of the bass and drum
In and out and up and down baby, and down baby
Down with the sounds of the bass and drum
In and out
Front to back
Up and down
Round and round [fade]

Know You Wanna - 3rd edge

[Verse 1 Tom]

Girl I wanna be your lover
Anytime, anywhere you'll discover
When I freak I ani't tryin' a be clever
'Cos if you ain't doing me right girl
You're doing me wrong
Now I'm gonna give you the picture
Don't talk, don't trip and I'll teach ya
Just sit back, relax and I'll fix ya
You know that I'm telling you right girl
Ain't telling you wrong

[Bridge Tom]

I see by all the little things you do
Your tryin' a get a little loving too
Well I play hard
So drop your guard
And let's get friendly like you wanted to

[Chorus Tom JTee Dan]

You know you wanna
Rock rock on the floor
You want it on top like before
I'm gonna freestyle, ah, buck while, ah
So come and give me more
You know you wanna
Non stop remedy
You wanna knock, knock to the beat
You know I'll holler, you follow
That's what you're asking for

[Verse 2 Tom]

Now let me tell you girl
I can touch your hips
Make you flip like no man
And I'll show you how to do it to a slow jam
I know that you're getting it right girl
You're turning me on
Now lady do it this way
From front to back and do as I say
It's that time of the night so let's foreplay
I told you that I'd bring it to you right girl
We're getting it on

[Bridge 2 Tom]

I see by all the little things you do
You tryin' a get a little loving too
So play your card
And I'll take charge
And let's get friendly like you wanted to


[JTee's Rap]

Ya wanna rock, what?
But tonight it ain't for lovin'
Coz when I'm freakin' you lady it's all
That push and shovin'
We're in the bedroom
Bump too the tune boom
Through the speaker
As I take you to your peak
But keep it on the down low
We can do it like a rodeo
I chat.. on the mic
fast or slow when I'm on a roll
In control, let me know
Positions I'm never missin' 'em
But that's me being kind
My partner in rhyme
Has got something different in mind

[Dans Rap]

Collectivly, me, Tom 'n' JTee
Want three's up on you
Make you scream
Make you holler
You'll be blowing the roof
'n' you'll be loving every minute
'n' you'll know it's the truth
'n' you'll be telling ya crew
How the 3E boys just
Roasted you, toasted you
Made the most of you
'n' boasted you to all our friends
Now all the boys wanna have you on the weekend
Is that a problem?